Wednesday, June 6, 2012

They grow so fast!

I really have got to sit down and take more time to blog better, but for now I just want to post some pictures of the cuties, and a little about our day to day...


Kynzie loves any toy that belongs to Chandler! She even figured out how to push the gas button, and hung on pretty well!

Daddy time
I missed the picture of her trying to French kiss the dog...yuck. But she loves him!


Shootin' the birds for grandma
On the way to slay dragons...

Hard at work!

First teeth!! She's got two of them poking through!

Making tortillas, such big helpers!!


At church on Sunday, All those sweet boys were ogling at Kynzie through the door, and it was just too cute not to take a picture of.



Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Family weekend

We went up to Priest Lake with my family, to celebrate my dad's graduation from the Masters program in psychiatric nursing(congrats dad!). Melissa & Joe, Nancy and Adam, and my mom and dad came up, and it was lots of fun!

Sunday morning was mother's day, and the men cooked breakfast for us! It was great!

oops! Picking eggshells out... Haha

They even did the dishes!

Most of the grand kids

Jason, Rebecka, and Chandler going canoeing
Spending time with our little family, and as an extended family is what makes our life so rich, and I am so grateful for such close, wonderful families!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life lately...

We've just been up to pretty much the same old every day stuff... No complaints here though, we're loving every second of it with these two great kiddos! Or as Chandler would say- awesome kids (he's started to say about himself often "I'm awessssome!" which is true, he really is. Love that little boy!

So here's a few pictures of our recent day-to-days:

Kynzie has been having fun playing her new found game of peek-a-boo!

ignore the disheveled state of her bed, she had just woken up from a nap, and right at the top of her daily post nap to do list, is rip off the ribbon holding the bumper on the crib. Oh what fun! For both of us, believe me. :p


We had cousins out to play! Melissa, Romney and Rebecka ( one of chandler's best buds ever!) went for a walk with us while they were visiting for the day. The weather has been so beautiful, and we all enjoyed strolling along while the kids collected all kinds of treasures.
Chandler collected so many sticks, I think He ended up with just about a whole tree...


We worked in the yard. Chandler loves his daddy. He follows him around everywhere, and tries to do everything he does, and this was no exception. Jason mowed the lawn, and right behind him drove his little shadow the whole time! It's not the greatest picture, but that's Chandler on his little motorized Four wheeler, trying his best to keep up.

Of course, we all love that daddy of ours, and Kynzie got some coveted daddy time, too.

We watered the plants


I sent Chandler out with a jug of water to water my plants. Hmmm. A true farmer at heart, he heads straight for the field and watered that. In the middle of watering, he lifted the jug, and chugged from it, then continued to water the field. I just remembered, I don't think my plants ever did get watered...


Kynzie got a bath


This girl can chow down! We could barely put the food on her plate fast enough. After her tummy was full, and her hands (and face) a mess, she noticed daddy was resting his head in his hands, and thought she'd try that out too!

That's our past few days in a nutshell! We can't wait to see what other adventures befall us in the days to come, with these fun kids in tow!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

We're back!

Okay I am officially blogging again! Hopefully I can keep it up to date, so we can print this it yearly as a family journal!

Family pictures, February 2012

Chandler, age 2 yrs + 1 month


Kynzie, age 6 months!

just a few pictures from our latest family photoshoot!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Testing, testing 1-2-3...

Okay here we go, I'm trying to start blogging again, and just got an app on the iPad that seems pretty cool, so we'll see if it works! Until I know it's going to work, I won't waste time writi g too much. Let's try a picture now...


Wow, that was SUPER easy! I'm loving this app! Okay now to see if it will post okay.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Family Pictures

Cambria Whitby was so great to take these of us a little while ago, and I think she did an awesome job, and we had a lot of fun! Thank you Cambria!!! We also got some of Chandler for his One year old Pictures. We are hoping to get more of him some time, with Cambria's cool props she has. So more 1 year pictures to come!

Chandler's 1st birthday party

Chandler turned 1 over a month ago, and I am finnally getting around to posting the pictures from his party. I'm a little behind, I know...
I made a barn cake, which we put onto a sheet cake, and then made all these little cupcake animals. All the kids gathered around and helped him open his presents, one of them being a shirt that says "Big brother" which was our way of announcing there's another baby on the way for us!
All day, Chandler kept reaching towards the bright cupcakes and was all disappointed when I would pull him away. So here he is finally with a coveted cupcake.

After the party, Chandler had a good time playing in the streamers with Grandpa McGary!